I am a software engineer with a background in the real estate industry through my experience at listed real estate company Eurocommercial Properties. At Eurocommercial I worked on several Open Source applications in the real estate domain, including Estatio and Relatio.

In 2018 I got into the Ethereum world, and since then I've developed several libaries like truffle-assertions and truffle-plugin-verify. At the same time I wrote my Bachelor's thesis on using Ethereum for audit trail validation, and I finished the ConsenSys Developer Program. In 2019 I expanded into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem with my project CashScript, a high-level language for contract development on Bitcoin Cash that was syntactically inspired by Solidity. This was also the subject of my Master's thesis.

I spoke at several high-profile conferences about my work in blockchain and cryptocurrency, including TruffleCon 2018 and 2019, EthCC 2019 and Devcon V. I also like to compete in hackathons and have won several prizes, including the grand prize at BCHDEVCON Amsterdam and JPMorgan Chase's Quorum prize at ETHParis.

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