I am a software engineer working on open source projects in the cryptocurrency industry. I am currently working with General Protocols on AnyHedge, a DeFi project built on top of Bitcoin Cash. AnyHedge is developed using CashScript, a BCH smart contract programming language that I created and maintain.

I created several NPM packages that help developers build smart contracts on Ethereum, such as truffle-assertions and truffle-plugin-verify, which get a combined >25k monthly downloads. You can read more about them on my Projects page.

I regularly speak at conferences about my work in cryptocurrency, such as my talks at TruffleCon 2018, 2019 & 2020, EthCC 2 & 4, and Devcon V. I also like to compete in hackathons and have won several prizes, including the the grand prize at BCHDEVCON Amsterdam and the ENS prize at ETHLondon.

I am currently not available for any contracting work, but I am available as an advisor on DeFi projects in the Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash spaces.