I am a software engineer with a background in the real estate industry through my experience at listed real estate company Eurocommercial Properties. At Eurocommercial I was part of the team that works on several Open Source applications in the real estate domain, including Estatio and Relatio.

Early 2018, I got interested in smart contract development on Ethereum. I started my Ethereum journey with my Bachelor's thesis, which I wrote on the subject of using blockchain to validate audit trail data. I continued with the ConsenSys Developer Program to learn all there is about smart contract development. During this time I developed the truffle-assertions package for unit testing smart contracts. I wrote two articles about this package, and I gave a talk at TruffleCon 2018 and EthCC 2019 on how to use events inside smart contract tests.

Continuing on in 2019 I developed another Truffle-based library in the form of truffle-plugin-verify that addresses a serious painpoint in smart contract development - verifying Truffle contracts on Etherscan. Using my experience with developing this plugin I gave two talks on Truffle wrote an article on creating Truffle plugins.

In 2019 I expanded my blockchain horizon by becoming more involved with other developer communities besides Ethereum. I started working on Bitcoin Cash by taking concepts I knew and loved from Ethereum and taking them into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Most important of this is CashScript, a high-level language for contract development on Bitcoin Cash. Its syntax and integration workflow was very much inspired by Ethereum's Solidity.

There is a lot to learn in the blockchain space and I am always looking to go deeper into the rabbit hole. I like to attend and speak at conferences and I am an active member of the Dutch Ethereum community. I have won several prizes at high profile hackathons, including the grand prize at BCHDEVCON Amsterdam and JPMorgan Chase's Quorum prize at ETHParis.

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