To grow as a global community, it is important to share information amongst eachother, and conferences and meetups play a huge part in this. To contribute to this knowledge sharing process, I am available to speak at events on blockchain, software engineering, and general tech related topics. If you're hosting an event and want me to speak, don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected]. While I don't require a speaker fee, I would like to have travel and lodging costs reimbursed, with exceptions to smaller events that I am particularly interested in.

Upcoming events

CloudCom 2018 - Validating data integrity with blockchain

10 Dec 2018, Nicosia, Cyprus

I will be presenting a paper titled "Validating data integrity with blockchain" at the RBChain workshop at CloudCom 2018. The paper is based on my thesis titled "Using blockchain to validate audit trail data in private business applications". The presentation will include an outline of the method described in the paper and some potential use cases for this method.

Past events

TruffleCon 2018 - Using Solidity Events for Unit Testing

7 Oct 2018, Portland, Oregon, USA

I presented different ways that events could be used inside unit tests for Solidity smart contracts. The presentation included a description of the truffle-assertions library, and the ways its functionality could be used to really leverage the strengths of events. The slides used are accessible online, and part of the contents can also be found in this article from my blog.