To grow as a global community, it is important to share information among each other, and conferences and meetups play a huge part in this. To contribute to this knowledge sharing process, I am available to speak at events about blockchain, software engineering and other tech topics. If you're hosting an event and want me to speak, don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

Upcoming events

There's no events planned for the coming time.

Past events

EthCC 4 - Unlimited ERC20 allowances considered harmful

20-22 Jul 2021, Paris, France

EthCC is a large international event centred around the Ethereum / Web3 ecosystem. At EthCC 4 I gave a talk about the unlimited ERC20 allowance pattern that is used in a lot of dapps, and why this pattern can be dangerous. Much of the contents of the talk are based on my article Unlimited ERC20 allowances considered harmful. Slides can be found here.

TruffleCon 2020 - Verifying smart contract source code on Etherscan

6-7 Nov 2020, Virtual

At TruffleCon 2020 I talked about verifying smart contract source code on Etherscan. I went over the steps required to manually verify a contract developed using Truffle. Doing so, I showed that this manual work should be automated to fully take advantage of Truffle. I then presented the automated solution through truffle-plugin-verify. The talk went over both the usage and some of the technical details of the plugin. Slides can be found here.

London Bitcoin Cash Meetup - The Case for BCH

19 Nov 2019, London, UK

The theme of this edition of the London Bitcoin Cash Meetup is "The Case for Bitcoin Cash" and featured presentations by chairman Roger Ver, and lead Tobias Ruck. My talk is focused on making the case for smart contracts on Bitcoin Cash. I look at the smart contract capabilities of Ethereum and Bitcoin and I discuss how Bitcoin Cash relates to this. I also present my high-level contract language CashScript and how it makes smart contracts on Bitcoin Cash more accessible.

Devcon 5 Community Stage - The differences between smart contracts on Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash

8-11 Oct 2019, Osaka, Japan

Devcon is the biggest yearly event focused on developments in the Ethereum ecosystem with speakers like Vitalik Buterin and Joe Lubin, cofounders of Ethereum. In the past years I have been involved in both the Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash communities, and especially with my recent work on CashScript I've been looking to bring some of Ethereum's developer tooling into Bitcoin Cash. However, the functionality of smart contracts in Ethereum is very different from that in Bitcoin Cash. In this talk I go deeper into these fundamental differences in functionality and discuss potential use cases for contracts on Bitcoin Cash.

TruffleCon 2019 - What can we do with Truffle plugins?

2-4 Aug 2019, Redmond, Washington, USA

At TruffleCon 2019 I explored the possibilities of Truffle plugins. I discussed the config object that a plugin receives from Truffle and what this data can be used for. I then explored some additional non-obvious things that can be done with this config object. I finished by walking through the code for truffle-plugin-verify and presenting some possible improvements to the Truffle plugin ecosystem. A big part of my talk is included in my article on creating Truffle plugins, and the slides to this talk can be found here.

Truffle University - Workshop: Creating a Truffle plugin

27 Jun 2019, Virtual

Truffle University is a new course for advanced smart contract development aimed at developers who already have a decent grasp of blockchain and smart contract development. For Truffle University I gave a presentation on creating Truffle plugins. I discussed the basics of plugins, what they can be used for, how they work on a technical level, and I gave a walkthrough on creating a semi-complex plugin. The code for this workshop can be found on GitHub.

EthCC 2 - Using events to unit test smart contracts

5-7 Mar 2019, Paris, France

EthCC is a large international event centred around the Ethereum / Web3 ecosystem. It hosted close to 2000 attendees with talks in five different simultaneous tracks. At EthCC I repeated the talk I gave at TruffleCon in October of 2018. The talk discusses the truffle-assertions library, and how events can be used inside smart contract tests.

BUIDLx 2 - Decentralised storage platforms

13 Feb 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The community-organised BUIDLx 2 meetup was centered around decentralised storage, and my talk was a comparison between IPFS, Swarm, Storj, and Sia. I discussed the technical workings of these platforms, with a specific focus on data persistence and incentivisation. I also briefly discussed the usability of the platforms.

IEEE CloudCom 2018 - Validating data integrity with blockchain

10-13 Dec 2018, Nicosia, Cyprus

I presented a paper titled "Validating data integrity with blockchain" at the RBChain workshop at CloudCom 2018. The presentation included an outline of the described method and an extensive description of the corresponding proof of concept implementation. The paper is published in IEEE Xplore, and a demo video of the proof of concept is available on YouTube. If you'd like a PDF version of the paper, send me a message at [email protected].

BUIDL AMS 4 - Overview of Plasma

28 Nov 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

BUIDL Amsterdam 4 was a special edition of the BUIDL Amsterdam meetup that was fully centred around Ethereum 2.0. It included lightning talks on Sharding, Casper, Plasma, Universal Login, and eWASM. My lightning talk was an Overview of Plasma, and included the basics of Plasma, Minimal Viable Plasma, and Plasma Cash. The slides are available online.

TruffleCon 2018 - Using events to unit test smart contracts with Truffle

5-7 Oct 2018, Portland, Oregon, USA

I presented different ways that events could be used inside unit tests for Solidity smart contracts. The presentation included a description of the truffle-assertions library, and the ways its functionality could be used to really leverage the strengths of events. The slides are available online, and the full talk is available on YouTube.