During my work in the blockchain space I have been invited to come on episodes of several shows or podcasts to talk about the work I'm doing or interesting developments in the space. I love taking these opportunities to connect with a larger audience and share my views online. Below you can see a few of the shows that had me as a guest in recent times. If you're hosting a show or podcast and you want me to come on as a guest, send me a message at [email protected].

CoinSpice Podcast

5 Jun 2019

I was a guest on the CoinSpice Podcast to talk about my recent project CashScript. We discussed the project's goals, how it came to be and how it's positioned in the ecosystem. We also talked about my history in the broader crypto space and how I came to work on Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash projects. I shared my views on some other projects in the space, and on my stances against maximalism.

Bitcoin.com Livestream

31 May 2019

I was a guest on the Bitcoin.com livestream with Gabriel Cardona and Corbin Fraser. On the livestream we discussed most of the recent developments in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, including my own recent project CashScript.