This page contains a list of all talks I have given at conferences, meetups, and the likes. My main Speaking page contains a curated list of the most important or recent talks, while this page contains the exhaustive list of talks I've given.

EthCC 2019 - Using events to unit test smart contracts

5-7 Mar 2018, Paris, France

EthCC is a large international event centred around the Ethereum / Web3 ecosystem. It is planning to host around 2000 attendees with talks in five different simultaneous tracks. At EthCC I will repeat the talk I gave at TruffleCon last October. The talk discusses the truffle-assertions library, and how events can be used inside smart contract unit tests.

BUIDLx 2 - Decentralised storage platforms

13 Feb 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The community-organised BUIDLx 2 meetup was centered around decentralised storage, and my talk was a comparison between IPFS, Swarm, Storj, and Sia. I discussed the technical workings of these platforms, with a specific focus on data persistence and incentivisation. I also briefly discussed the usability of the platforms.

IEEE CloudCom 2018 - Validating data integrity with blockchain

10-13 Dec 2018, Nicosia, Cyprus

I presented a paper titled "Validating data integrity with blockchain" at the RBChain workshop at CloudCom 2018. The presentation included an outline of the described method and an extensive description of the corresponding proof of concept implementation. The paper will be published in the Conference Proceedings and IEEE Xplore shortly, and a demo video of the proof of concept is available on YouTube. If you'd like a PDF version of the paper, send me a message at [email protected].

#BUIDL AMS 4 - Overview of Plasma (Lightning Talk)

28 Nov 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

#BUIDL Amsterdam 4 was a special edition of the #BUIDL Amsterdam meetup that was fully centred around Ethereum 2.0 (Serenity). It included lightning talks on Sharding, Casper, Plasma, Universal Login, and eWASM. My lightning talk was an Overview of Plasma, and included the basics of Plasma, Minimal Viable Plasma, and Plasma Cash. The slides are available online.

TruffleCon 2018 - Using events to unit test smart contracts with Truffle

5-7 Oct 2018, Portland, Oregon, USA

I presented different ways that events could be used inside unit tests for Solidity smart contracts. The presentation included a description of the truffle-assertions library, and the ways its functionality could be used to really leverage the strengths of events. The slides are available online, and the full talk is available on YouTube.